Club Fundraising

You the club will set the price of your teamwear!

We want to enable local clubs to raise much needed funds to invest in their developments and future initiatives, whether that be supporting the local community, growing their number of qualified personnel or developing the younger generations.


How it works

  • We Defined will provide all Teamwear at a discounted rate to the clubs, the Club can then decide how much profit is made from each sale.
  • The price available to members through the Clubs online store set by you the Club, which can be as a minimum the clubs cost price. For transparency, the amount of profit made by the club will be made clear to the purchaser.
  • All orders are delivered to the Clubs point of contact for distribution to it's members.
  • An itemised order sheet will be issued on delivery, clearly displaying the order amount and how much is owed to the Club.
  • What is owed to the club is the difference  between our price and the clubs price to members.
  • This amount will be transfered at the end of each month to the agreed club acount for the balance from your delivery sheet.


    • Funds raised for the club will be  tracked through our site with a monthly email update, to help manage the clubs funds.
    • Receive the funds quick and easy, with minimal to no internal admin.
    • You have control over your prices to help your club and members


    We also support where we can through our partner intiatives and events.

    We recently volunteered for the Yorkshire Athletics Cross Country event in extremly warm temperatures, after donating enough bottled water for all participants.