5 Alcohol Drink Swaps

Okay, so we've been to the gym all week, sweated through the spin classes, sprinted the sprints, eaten the kale, done the detox… Yusssss! #GoUs πŸ’β€πŸ’
5 Healthy alcoholic Drink Swaps

Then Friday night arrives and your about to embark on an extreme RETOX of cocktails, beer and an obligatory end of the night kebab with all the extras 😰 We haven't figured out a way to stop the drunken you from ordering the kebab or the extra large cheesy chips and mayo just yet (we’ll work on it...)Β 

But we have 5 Drink Swaps to help you feel a tad less guilty come Sunday morning and most likely a lot further from deaths hungover door. So here goes:

1. Vodka Coke πŸ‘‰ Vodka Soda

It's low cal & hey, it does the job. Maybe add a slice of fresh lemon, lime or cucumber or have a flavoured vodka to jazz it up a little πŸ’ƒ

2. Beer πŸ‘‰ Light Beer

So actually, as much as we are anti beer belly we are not completely anti beer (all in moderation). Purely for the fact that you generally know what you're getting into, as nowadays the calorie/carb content tends to be labelled on the bottle oppose to alcohol, mixers and all the syrupy trimmings concocted into a glass. Just opt for a lighter bear such as Corona, Heineken Light, Miller and Budweiser Select 🍻

3. Pina Colada πŸ‘‰ Cosmopolitan

Even a sip of a Pina Colada tells you all you need to know - tastes like heaven but loaded with sugary syrup, creams, milk and a whole load of unnecessary (but yes, enjoyable) calories. Swapping for a Cosmo will save you half the calories & keep you sophisticated as ever 🍸 Trade in a little liquor for soda for extra brownie points! 

4. Gin & Tonic πŸ‘‰ Gin & Soda

This is known to be a pretty healthy drink but in fact tonic actually has a fair amount of glucose syrup and so if you can swap or add club soda you'd be doing even better! πŸ˜‡

5. White Wine πŸ‘‰ White Wine Spritzer

White white isn't actually looking too bad on our list of lethal carby/calorie loaded bevies, however, there's always room for improvement especially if you can get through a bottle or two… watering down your white wine with sparkling water can save you 50 cals per serving! πŸ™Œ

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Happy Responsible Drinking! 🍷🍾🍹🍸🍺