10 things to cut from Your Diet

If your looking to shed some body fat, get fit or just feel better in yourself we've got 10 naughty foods/drinks that your body really could do without and there not all as obvious as you'd think! 😈😈

We know as much as you do how good that first sip of a fizzy drink can be or how easy it is to take your self straight to the frozen meals section at the end of a crap day BUT these are the sneaky things that are holding you back from your goals…

So heres some food for thought: 

Yes, you may have been told Marg is the healthy alternative to butter but over recent years its started to be seen for its true colours: generally full of those yucky trans fats 👎🏼 If you don't know what trans fats are just know that you want as little as possible in your diet - to put it simply they are mostly artificial fats that use partially hydrogenated vegetable fats.  

Fizzy Drinks

This is a pretty obvious one… full of sugar. Averaging around 10 tablespoons in fact. Imagine putting 10 tablespoons of sugar in your cup of tea!? You just wouldn’t! And sorry to say guys but diet drinks aren't much better simply just replacing those sugars with artificial sweeteners which are still a no go if you want your teeth, bones, kidneys to stay tip top! 👌🏼

Processed Meats

Hotdogs, Salami ect… Full of unhealthy fats and way too much sodium. 400% more than normal meats to be precise! Now that can't be good for anyone 🤢


This one isn't so obvious as really you'd think oats & fruit can't be so bad but actually its more about the hidden stuff. Oil, sweeteners, honey, sugar… all the things that make those heavenly sweet clusters. And thats not to mention all the dried fruit they chuck in. Lets just say you'd be best to avoid the crunchy cereals altogether ❌

Frozen Meals

Don’t let the packaging fool you… 🤥  “low carb” “low cal” “healthy” per-leaseeeeeee. Nutritional value is out of the window once a meal has to be frozen, as its usually loaded with sodium and preservations to keep them fresh. 

White Bread

White bread is high in refined carbs which means a surplus of sugar in your body, so unless your gonna do some intense exercise straight after will most likely be stored as fat in your body - no thanks! 👋🏼

Fruit Juice

another sneaky one. The juice of fruit right? Cant be that bad - wrong. Most brands load their juices up with sugar and it lacks a lot of the nutrition that the whole fruit would give you 🍏 Some aren't too bad but all in moderation as even the purest of fruit juice is full of natural sugars.

Microwave Popcorn

Now this one hurts my feelings 😭 although all is not lost as popcorn can be a healthy snack, when cooked on the stove with a teeny bit of oil. Its the microwaved stuff you've gotta steer clear off as its pretty high in fat and sodium. And interestingly the bags are lined with chemicals that aren’t good for us. 

Salad Dressing

This is such a sneaky one. So many people have the best intentions of being healthy preparing a fresh salad but then they drown it in their favourite sugar loaded dressing - i am one of these guilty people! Just be aware of the whats in these bottles and try and replace with lemon and some good old seasoning when possible 🥗

Energy Bars

Aka candy bars! 🍫 Another very misleading product! Some energy bars have up to 500 calories in them!! There are the odd ones that are high in fibre and low in sugars so do your research and read those labels people!

I hope that you've learnt something new and maybe you’ll make a few changes for the better 💪🏼

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